Thurs. May 21st, Special Exhibition of Original Graphic Artworks by Surrealist Masters at Vancity Theatre

As a sidebar to our Live Cinema Event, for one night only VIFF Vancity Theatre is partnering with the Chali-Rosso Gallery to present a special exhibition of original graphic artworks by surrealist masters Salvador Dali, Joan Miro, Marc Chagall, Max Ernst and Pablo Picasso.  The exhibition will feature 10 large artworks and a selection of smaller sized pieces, as well as a sculpture by Dali.

Viewing is limited to ticket holders for our Live Cinema Event screening of Victor Sjostrom’s 1925 Lon Chaney classic HE WHO GETS SLAPPED, with doors from 6.30pm . Tickets 

Artworks on display are as listed:


Marc Chagall
1) The Circus with Yellow Clown-litho raph
2) Le ciel (The sky)-lithograph
3) L’Oiseau Bleu (The Blue Bird)-lithograph
4) Concert in the Square-lithograph
5) Le repas chez Dryas-lithograph
7) The Bible Suite (double image)-lithograph
8) The Bible Suite (double image)-lithograph

Salvador Dali
9) Birth of Venus-lithograph
10) Celestial Elephant-lithograph
11) Chevalier Surrealist (Surrealist Knight)-lithograph
12) Ultra Surrealist Corpuscular Galutska-photolithograph
with collage and etching
13) Paris and Helen of Troy-etching
14) Divine Comedy-wood engraving
1162315) Divine Comedy-wood engraving
16) Divine Comedy-wood engraving
17) Divine Comedy-wood engraving
18) Alice in Wonderland-bronze sculpture

Pablo Picasso
19) Football-lithograph
20) Sculpteur et trois danseuse-etching

Max Ernst
21) Foret et Soleill-lithograph
22) At the first clear word-lithograph

Joan Miro
23) Ubu Roi suite (double image)-lithograph
24) Ubu Roi suite (double image)-lithograph
25) Picasso 1 els reventos-etching with aquatint
26) Les essences de la terra-unique gouache
over colour lithograph


For Tickets, visit 

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