3 Documentaries About The Great Outdoors

This year there are over 50 documentaries screening at VIFF! These films can broaden our perspective, encourage us to take action, and change the way we see the world. The world is itself the focus of many of these films, from its expansive oceans to its towering peaks to the creatures that roam in between— the health and beauty of our world is well documented. These 3 films will remind you how amazing our planet is, at a time when it can feel more threatened than ever:

1. The Valley of the Wolves

Director Jean-Michel Bertrand spent three years tirelessly seeking out the wolves of the French Alp range following their reemergence in the 1990s. Through multiple motion-activated cameras, Bertrand managed to closely observe and capture these creatures in their natural habitat, over four seasons, for a story of stunning imagery and adventure. Screening Saturday, October 7 @ 11:15am at International Village.

2. Mountain

This film is a thrill ride you are unlikely to experience elsewhere, unless you commonly scale mountainsides and traverse the tallest peaks of the world. Explore the art of recreational mountain climbing, its history and how it has changed through the years in this immersive documentary narrated by Willem Dafoe. The soundtrack by the Australian Chamber Orchestra matches the grandeur of the landscape perfectly and will put you in the scene, clutching your armrests as tightly as the sheer rock faces the mountaineers hang from for 70 minutes of adrenaline and excitement. Screening Sunday, October 8 @ 4:00pm and Thursday, October 12 @ 6:30pm at The Centre.

3. Blue

Dive deep into endangered waters with a team of conservationists who are devoted to direct action and education on our seas’ behalf. The film plunges us into the glorious waters of Hawaii, the South Pacific, the Philippines, Australia and Indonesia for beautiful but bracing insight into their rapid deterioration, similar to Chasing Coral but with a focus on birds, sharks, and fishing as well as reef. The film will light a fire in your heart while providing real actions you can take because, as it says, “One person can make a difference!” Screening Monday, October 9 @ 12:15pm at SFU Goldcorp and Thursday, October 12 @ 6:45pm at Vancouver Playhouse.

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