VIFF Industry Conference: All Kinds of Funny with Archer’s Adam Reed & Storify Your Game with Corey May, Assassin’s Creed

In addition to the screening of hundreds of critically acclaimed films each year at the festival, VIFF also produces the VIFF Industry Conference. VIFF Industry is a four day long event that gives registered participants the opportunity to attend professional development sessions in wide-ranging, industry relevant topics focusing on content creation, storytelling, financing, marketing, and audience engagement. In past years, VIFF Industry has had the honour of hosting guests such as Vince Gilligan and Stan Lee, and this year we have another impressive lineup for you!

VIFF Industry
Adam Reed (left), creator of Archer and Corey May (right), lead writer of Assassin’s Creed will each headline their own session at VIFF Industry.


All Kinds of Funny: Archer Creator Adam Reed
Adam Reed, the creator of the uproariously funny adult animated spy series Archer,  will be
speaking at the Rogers Industry Centre (located inside the Vancity Theatre) on October 3rd and will provide insights into one of the most entertaining, hysterical and adrenaline-fuelled shows out there. Get your tickets here.

Storify your Game: Assassin’s Creed Lead Writer Corey May
So you want to be a video game writer? How do game scriptwriters fuse an engaging narrative and alluring characters into the interactive nature of video games? Corey May, the lead writer of Assassin’s Creed I, II, and III and Director of Scriptwriters at Ubisoft Montreal will discuss the challenges of writing for video games in an ever-morphing industry, the dual-nature of video game narratives, and how to attract a game developer’s attention. His
session will be held on October 2ndbuy your tickets now.

Other guests at this year’s Industry Conference include Craig Borten, screenwriter of the Oscar-winning Dallas Buyers Club and Kelly Masterson, screenwriter of the sci-fi  thriller Snowpiercer. Check out the full conference schedule for VIFF Industry 2014 here.

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