8 Queer Interest Films at VIFF 2014

queer collage
This year at the 33rd annual Vancouver International Film Festival (VIFF, Sept 24th to Oct. 10th), we have a handful of films that explore the topic of homosexuality, gender identity, and gender transitioning. If you love films with LGBT themes, make sure to check out these following eight films!

52 Tuesdays:
A coming of age drama from Australian director Sophie Hyde, 52 Tuesdays is filmed over 52 consecutive Tuesdays and follows the life of the 16 year Billie, whose mother is going through transition into a trans man. The film provides a refreshing and authentic look into the modern family. TICKETS.

Something Must Break:
Alienated and lovelorn, Sebastian longs for intimacy and genuine connection-or even just a good romp to quell the hunger of loneliness. Hesitant to explore a feminine side, Sebastian embraces broader terms when it comes to gender identity, sometimes preferring to be called Ellie. However, being Ellie presents a challenge in some situations, particularly in the men’s room.
Enter Andreas, a straight-identified punk who bursts onto the scene as something of a brooding savior when he rescues Sebastian from a violent assault in a public bathroom. Slowly, the two commence a dark and tumultuous relationship and Ellie rushes to the fore.
Written and directed by Ester Martin Bergsmark, Something Must Break is a honest and liberating film that explores the topics of young love and androgyny. TICKETS.

Before the Last Curtain Falls:
It takes considerable bravery to climb onto a stage and share yourself with an audience, no matter how old you are. Admittedly, it can sometimes take even more nerve to share your story with a camera. For the past two years, an unlikely troupe of 60 and 70 year transsexuals and drag queens have traveled to 25 countries and given over 200 performances. Now it’s closing night for the wildly popular Belgian cabaret Gardenia and the stars face reintroduction into reality. In this documentary, we’re invited backstage at Gardenia and into the lives of these leading ladies, getting a glimpse at the transformation, the pastiche of feminine, and the dream of transcendence. TICKETS.

The Sun, the Moon and the Hurricane:
When Rain looks back as a 32-year-old, he reflects that it all started the day the enigmatic Kris protected him from bullies in high school. Kris went on to demand Rain’s friendship, insisting on sleepovers and telling him to ditch his other friends, despite himself pursuing nights out with a succession of casual girlfriends. Rain, who’s coming to terms with being gay, can’t understand at all, and he’s devastated when Kris abruptly disappears from his life. But he gets over it, and has a formative sexual experience on a visit to Bangkok. Several years later he gets a surprising invitation to visit Kris, now married and living in Bali. But what does Kris really want? TICKETS.

Man on High Heels:
Yoon is the ultimate hard man, a battle-scarred cop who gets his man by any means necessary. But Yoon has a secret: she’s a woman trapped in a man’s body. Directed and written by Jin Jang, Man on High Heels delivers a high dose of ultraviolent and action thrill along with an interesting look at sexuality. TICKETS.

Tada is pragmatic and optimistic, Gyoten is cynical and pessimistic and everything they have to face is seen through the prism of their conflicting views. Gyoten has been crashing at Tada’s place for ages, often getting in the way. Their relationship reaches breaking point over episodes in Gyoten’s past: his former friendship with a man who now runs a dubious religious cult and and his activities as a sperm donor. Add in angry pensioners and a babysitting job and you have it all, from grave to cradle. A package of unsinkable charm! TICKETS.

Regarding Susan Sontag:
Susan Sontag’s contributions to the intellectual zeitgeist of the 1960s, 70s and 80s is beyond reproach for its seriousness of purpose and wide-ranging influence. This documentary delves into the famous bisexual writer’s personal life as much as it surveys her critical and literary accomplishments. TICKETS.

Yves Saint Laurent:
In this new biopic, we watch as the world-renowned French designer Saint Laurent assumes creative control of The House of Dior at 21, launches his own couture house and discovers the love of his life. TICKETS.

Check out the full programming for 2014 and get your tickets today!

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