2014 VIFF Impact Award


Congratulations to the inaugural award winner for 2014,”Just Eat It” with Grant Baldwin and Jenny
Rustemeyer, awarded Oct 4th, 2014.

Recognizing that documentary filmmaking can be a powerful agent of change, Agnetic Digital Media and Story Money Impact is sponsoring  the inaugural VIFF Impact Award to be awarded to the director of a Canadian documentary that’s deeply concerned with social issues. The award is designed to offer the resources necessary to amplify the film’s message, ensuring that it resonates long after its VIFF screening, potentially transforming the movie into a movement. Visit impact.viff.org for more information.

The 2014 award consists of a $5,000 Development Bursary sponsored by Agentic Digital Media and $5,000 in marketing and strategic in-kind services supplied by Agentic and Story Money Impact.

The Eligible Films this year are:
The Boy From Geita
Everything Will Be
Just Eat It: A Food Waste Story
The Price We Pay
The Pristine Coast

The jurors for the 2014 award are:
Lynne Fernie is a documentary filmmaker and the Senior Canadian programmer for the Hot Docs International Festival of Documentary Film. Fernie wrote and co-directed the Genie and multi-award-winning documentaries Forbidden Love: the Unashamed Stories of Lesbian Lives, Fiction and Other Truths: A film about Jane Rule and Apples and Oranges.

Julia Ivanova is an award-winning Vancouver documentary filmmaker. Her film, Family Portrait in Black and White, won Best Canadian Feature at Hot Docs 2011 and played at Sundance and VIFF (along with her two subsequent features). Ivanova co-chairs DOC BC, serves on the Hot Docs board and mentors emerging filmmakers. She believes in the emotional power of visual storytelling and poetic cinema.

David Rummel has produced for Mike Wallace and 60 Minutes, he ran an investigative unit at ABC News, served as a senior producer at NBC News, produced for PBS Frontline and helped build the online video unit at The New York Times. Rummel has won every award in television news and documentary and currently teaches International Reporting and Advanced Video Reporting at UBC’s Graduate School of Journalism.

The winner of the Impact Award and other 2014 VIFF awards will be announced soon, check back near the end of the festival to see the results.

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