CRIME FEST Nov. 21-27

Shining a searchlight on our darkest desires, Crime Fest brings you the best in thrillers, mysteries, neo-noir and prison drama from far and wide.

Our inaugural selection includes award-winning movies from the USA, the UK, Korea, the Philippines, France, Italy, Norway and Australia. Adaptations from writers like Cormac McCarthy, Elmore Leonard, Joe R Lansdale and Georges Simenon rub shoulders with classics like the 40th anniversary screening of the Roman Polanski’s Chinatown and acclaimed documentaries like Evolution of a Criminal and A Fuller Life, and original works from up-and-coming auteurs like James Franco, Ivan Sen, Jim Mickle and David Mackenzie.

16 features, 14 Vancouver theatrical premieres, and 2 archival classics are ready for your fingerprints. For the full listings and to purchase tickets, please visit

A Fuller Life: The Sam Fuller Documentary – Trailer from Samantha Fuller on Vimeo.

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