Fashion Revolution Day at Vancity Theatre April 24th

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Fashion Revolution Day, a commemoration of the collapse of the Rana Plaza factory in Dhaka, Bangladesh in 2013, is quickly approaching on April 24th. In response to this tragic event, Fashion Revolution was founded by Carry Somers, founder of Pachacuti, and Orsla de Castro, founder of From Somewhere clothing line, to change the way we think about fashion and the social, environmental, and cultural effects of the fashion industry.

The goal of Fashion Revolution is to “use the power of fashion to inspire a permanent change in the fashion industry and reconnect the broken links in the supply chain. At the moment of purchase, most of us are unaware of the processes and impacts involved in the creation of a garment. We need to reconnect through a positive narrative, to understand that we aren’t just purchasing a garment or accessory, but a whole chain of value and relationships.”

On April 24th, sixty-six countries across the world will participate in activities to raise awareness and create dialogue about the critical change that is needed in the fashion industry, from: increased supply chain transparency, creating safer and fairer working conditions for garment works, and decreasing the environmental impact of fashion (from production of raw materials, to manufacturing the clothes, to the disposal of clothes). A simple question—‘Who Made My Clothes’—has the ability to create profound change. The first step in the chain of action is by “asking consumers, designers, brands, and all those who care to [pose this question. In doing so] we envisage a change in perspective that will lead to a deeper understanding.”

To support the work of Fashion Revolution, we will screen the Canadian film Traceable, which follows young designer Laura Siegel on her quest to produce her first fashion line in the most ethical and sustainable way possible. She travels to India to work directly with local artisans who help to bring her visions to life with craft techniques that have been passed down for generations. The screening will start at 6pm with a panel discussion to follow. The panel will be moderated by Jane Cox of FUEL Vancouver, panelists include: Nicole Bridger, fashion designer; Denise Taschereau, co-founder of Fairwear; and Myriam Laroche, President and founder of Eco-Fashion Week.

After the screening, guests will have an opportunity to mingle and keep the conversation going. We will also have a selfie wall where you can take photos. Fashion Revolution is encouraging people to take a photo of themselves and tweet directly to the brand you are currently wearing and ask #whomademyclothes #FashRev. By using social media as a platform to take this message to the international stage and create conversation about the way the fashion industry operates, we hope to create the changes needed to avoid future catastrophes like the Rana Plaza collapse.

At 9pm we will be screening a VIFF 2014 favourite Handmade with Love in France. This film delves into the mysterious and utterly breath-taking world of couture fashion in Paris where ateliers have been producing handcrafted luxury fashion for generations. Firstly, the pressures of time and productivity as the number of collections produced by designers increases exponentially threaten to overwhelm these small craft firms. Secondly, the problem of succession is a constant: just who will take over these businesses after the aging proprietors step away? Thirdly, the very fashion houses they serve seem eager to take over the ateliers for themselves.

We hope you will join us for a fun and inspiring day!
For more information and for tickets, check out our Facebook Event 

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