VIFF 2015 Programming Sneak Peek!

2015 Programming Sneak peak!
While we’re not allowed to announce titles just yet, I did want to share with you a couple of focuses and strands which will be prevalent at this year’s festival.

* This was a great year for ITALIAN filmmaking, there are quite a few films which show the literary and touristic value of the Italian countryside. If you enjoy virtual tourism, you’ll love these films.

* Again for 2015, we have received a lot of films about climate change and the ENVIRONMENT – quite fitting at the moment with this water ban, there are a couple of very high profile environmental science films in this section

* New to 2015 – there is quite a strong theme around SOUTH ASIAN films, especially those in the genre of crime and gangs. These are highly HIGHLY controversial films but we do plan on having one of these as a Special Presentation Spotlight Screening.

* BLACK AND WHITE movies are back! In all their wonderful glory. We are amazed at how many films were submitted in B&W and can’t wait to show you them.

* CUBA & IRAN have a big focus this year – more details TBC

* HORSES & DOGS are the most popular animals in films, there’s at least 2 horse racing films, and at least 2 films with the word “DOG” in the title.

* HOT TOICS – Racism, Politics, Gun Control, Inequality, and Religion are a big focus this year. Expect some controversy and “oh my gosh” moments.

* For all you book lovers there is a great selection of LITERARY ADAPTATIONS!

* COMEDY – wow there’s some truly great films to make you chuckle this year. Sarcasm, British humour, Canadian laughs, maybe even a National Lampoon and a Monty Python film wink emoticon

* MUSIC music music! This is another strong genre for 2015. World music, behind the scenes music documentaries, Irish folk music, opera, rock music and indie-folk.

* FIRST NATIONS has quite a strong presence at the festival, with a few uplifting and nostalgic entries.

* TECHNOLOGY – This interesting topic looks at our personal and group dependence on technology and how it can be used to bring about social change in the new age. “The sociology of technology”.

* FASHION – Style in Film is back for 2015! After such a great hit in 2014 with award winning films such as Advanced Style, Handmade with Love from France and Looking For Light: Jane Bown – we’ve curated another great strand of fashion focused films.

More info to come! Have a good one – Morgaine


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