Spotlight on International Shorts #1: Great Performances

With such a variety of films to see over the course of the festival, one of many fun collections to see is the collection of international shorts. One of these being the Great Performance collection. This program of shorts highlights stellar acting, and demonstrates how vital this is to the success of a film as a whole, whether a two-hander or an ensemble piece. With such an array of performances to see, it is something you don’t want to miss.

Our Great Performance shorts program screens October 3 & 7 at International Village 

Almost not Beautiful (USA | DIR: Sarah Jean Kruchowski)

Two estranged sisters are reunited at their childhood home, where the gulf between them, simmering resentments and long lost bonds emerge. Starring Kate Mara (House of Cards) and Amber Tamblyn (Joan of Arcadia).


Cherry Cake (UK | DIR: Jaine Green)

When elderly Ingrid offers old friend Gavin some cherry cake in exchange for his help with the yard work, it’s only one of the delights on the table. Starring Olivier Award-winning actor Matthew Kelly (the Savoy Theatre’s production of Of Mice and Men) and West End veteran Eve Pearce (Topsy-Turvy).


The Formula ( Switzerland | DIR: Kathrin Frey)

An exemplary employee in an old Swiss archive starts responding to all orders with, “I would prefer not to.” Melville’s famous phrase has fatal consequences in this hermetic world stocked with off-kilter characters and odd obsessions.

Harvey’s Dream (Australia | DIR: Alexander von Hofmann)

As his wife prepares brunch on a Saturday morning, Harvey slumps into his chair and tells her about an eerie and frightening dream he had. This new one from VIFF alumnus Alexander von Hofmann (Tinglewood, 2010) is based on a short story by Stephen King.

Injury Time (Australia | DIR: Jack Sheridan)

It’s a must-win situation for Adelaide Bloods FC, and manager “Basher” Billy Bourke is in a desperate struggle to prevail on his own terms. David Field’s brilliant lead performance, captured largely in one continuous shot, is complemented by a fine ensemble cast and wonderful sound design.

The Moor (USA | DIR: George Kyrtsis)

The fading star of a resident acting company desperately clings to past glory when his brother, the theatre owner, announces he is considering renting out the place. A beautiful homage to the great days of live theatre.

Operator (UK | DIR: Caroline Bartleet)

An emergency-services operator fields a call from a desperate young mother whose house is on fire, which requires a performance of amazing control and reassurance in an extremely intense situation.

Soap (UK | DIR: Christopher Brown)

When Sami breaks into a house, he is confronted by Sophia, who lures him into her bathtub—where things get even more surreal. Off-screen action and sound become key players in this evolving relationship in a confined space.

Don’t miss this collection of international shorts as well the all the other great shorts programs at the festival:

  • In the Dark Reaches of the Soul
  • Love, Pain and the Whole Damn Thing
  • What Defines Reality?

Our Great Performance shorts program screens October 3 & 7 at International Village 

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