VIFF+ Member Spotlight

At VIFF, we think the world of our VIFF+ members. As a community of over 600 film lovers, they show support through their dollars and attendance at VIFF events and are a vital proponent of our operations, allowing us to continue sharing the power and magic of storytelling on screen. To give them the spotlight they deserve we interviewed a few of our valued members, Janice Waud Loper and Robert Caspick, about their experiences with VIFF.VIFF-Master-Class-Adam-Bernstein-Saman-Shariati-12

What does being a VIFF+ member mean to you?

Janice: I feel I am part of a respected film community.

Robert: It’s an opportunity to actually show my commitment to supporting quality cinema in Vancouver.

Why is supporting the film industry important to you?

Janice: Because VIFF, through films shown, allows an understanding of different cultures, perspectives and opinions. Film is one of my favourite art forms; I learn something from film, and the people in the industry I respect are able to communicate in an important way through film.

Robert: Everyone should have at least a few passions in their lives and for me the art of cinema ranks as number one.  Film is a form of storytelling that is truly international and it is therefore important to not only keep the stories going but ensure future storytellers have a chance to be heard.

What part of being a VIFF+ member do you enjoy the most?

Janice: The free popcorn! Well, many other things too. The chance to see films that are offered on a complimentary basis is a wonderful bonus. It’s also great to be part of a committed community of film devotees.


Robert: All the perks!

What is the best event you have attended so far?

Janice: The opening night for Maudie. Seeing a premiere is a fantastic experience. And the Oscars night was fabulous. I felt like I was in the audience in Hollywood, you created a great evening. Knowing many of the nominees were films I had seen at VIFF provided a behind the scenes feeling, and I knew more about them.

Robert: The festival! I consider the VIFF season to be my High Holy Days and in 25 years I’ve only missed it once due to an ill-timed honeymoon (I hope my husband isn’t reading this).  For those of us with an insatiable appetite for world cinema the film fest is a non-stop two week banquet.

Would you recommend becoming a VIFF+ member to others?

Robert: Absolutely! Some of my happiest memories involve sitting in a darkened theatre and losing myself in someone else’s story.  In fact, my enthusiasm has hooked a few of my friends and acquaintances who now attend regularly. Having a VIFF+ membership is just one way to keep the spark going all year long.

Janice: Absolutely. VIFF+ is great value, it’s fun, I feel special, and I know I’m part of the film community. For anyone who is a cinephile, it’s a must.

Join Janice and Robert in our VIFF+ Membership Program today!


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