VIFF Repeats

Saying goodbye is always hard, especially when it’s to 16 days immersed in the best that film has to offer. To make the process easier we have brought back some of the Festival’s most popular films for one-off encore screenings. VIFF repeats are your chance to catch the films you missed at the festival but are still dying to see. Bring your VIFF or Vancity Theatre Membership, buy your tickets, and join us at Vancity Theatre for any of the following films!

Bombshell: The Hedy Lamarr StoryBombshell

A film about Hollywood icon Hedy Lamarr, whose legendary beauty and affinity for scandal distracted the world from her brilliant mind which was behind the invention of a secret WWII communications system that later became the basis for modern WiFi.

Screening Thursday, October 19 @ 4:30pm


A biopic of Paris-based singer/actress Dalida who shook up the French music scene between the late 50s and the mid-80s, selling 170 million records worldwide before committing suicide in 1987 due to unbearable tragedy in her personal life.

Screening Wednesday, October 18 @ 6:20 PM


A look at the life of legendary jazz guitarist Django Reinhardt during the months of WWII when the musician had to choose between collaborate with the Nazis to go on a tour of Germany or following his moral compass and resisting.

Screening Tuesday, October 17 @ 6:30pm

Leaning Into the Wind: Andy GoldsworthyStill—Leaning_Into_The_Wind_preview

An exquisite chronicle of artist Andy Goldsworthy’s ongoing fascination with re-shaping the natural world, following him on his extensive travels from one site-specific work to another and revelling in his imagination and art.

Screening Wednesday, October 18 @ 4:30pm

Meditation ParkStill—Meditation_Park_preview

A richly detailed, emotionally rewarding and unmistakably Vancouver story about a devoted wife’s journey to self-discovery after finding another woman’s thong in her husband’s pocket.

Screening Thursday, October 19 @ 6:30pm

The Queen of SpainStill—Queen_Of_Spain_preview.jpeg

A farcical comedy about a 50s Hollywood movie starlet shooting in Spain, when Franco was at the height of his power, getting mixed up in a leftist plot while portraying Queen Isabella in a costume epic.

Screening Tuesday, October 17 @ 9:00pm

Reel Youth Film FestivalREELYOUTHFILMFESTIVAL_Etymology

A collection of short films from across the globe selected by youth, made by youth, showing the world through the eyes of this emerging group of gifted filmmakers.

Screening Thursday, October 19 @ 12:30 PM

Sour ApplesStill—Sour_Apples_preview.jpeg

This film follows the mayor of a small Turkish town as he tries to protect the virtue of his three daughters and lead his town while resisting the natural change that comes with the passage of time.

Screening Thursday, October 19 @ 8:45pm

The SquareStill1—The_Square_preview

A hilarious yet deadly serious satire about a Swedish art curator preparing an upcoming piece called The Square,  described as “a sanctuary of trust and caring,” while things are spiralling out of control in his personal and professional life.

Screening Wednesday, October 18 @ 8:45pm

The Venerable W. Still—Venerable_W_preview.jpeg

A  riveting documentary on Myanmar where violence and even ethnic “purifying” is being fuelled by the incendiary religious rhetoric.

Screening Wednesday, October 18 @ 2:30pm

Where You’re Meant to BeStill—Where_You're_Meant_To_Be_preview

Pop tunester Aidan Moffat plans to reconfigure folk legend Sheila Stewart’s classic Scottish folk songs for a modern audiences until the 79-year-old hurricane herself forcefully opposes. This film questions the role music plays in our lives while weaving together the past and the present to comment on Scottish identity.

Screening Tuesday, October 17 @ 4:45pm

*Please note All VIFF Passes, VIFF Ticket Packs, VIFF Exchange Vouchers, Vancity Guest Passes, and Cinematheque volunteer passes will not be accepted for the VIFF Repeat screenings.

Tickets to any of these shows available here.

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