Trailer Tuesday – Jan 30, 2018

We’ve just revealed our latest calendar for VIFF’s year-round Vancity Theatre, and it’s jam-packed with inspiring documentaries, exclusive first runs, Oscars events, date nights, live Q&As & more!

Check out some of the trailers for films we have coming up at Vancity Theatre, including the return of the mouthwatering Ramen Heads, a journey through one of the most planned cities in the world in Brasilia: Life After Design, Edward Hopper’s paintings brought to life in Shirley: Visions of Reality and VIFF 2017 favourite, Happy End.

Ramen Heads, Jan 31 – Feb 7

Shadowman, Feb 2-8

Shirley: Visions of Reality, Feb 2-8

Brasilia: Life After Design, Feb 4&6

Happy End, Feb 2-11

Kangaroo, Feb 4

Pow Wow, Feb 4 & 7

Written by Vancouver International Film Festival

As one of the largest film festivals in North America, the 33rd annual Vancouver International Film Festival brings Vancouver audiences some of the best films from around the globe. A true celebration of film.

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