Trailer Tuesday – Feb 5, 2019

Oscar season is just around the corner so now’s the perfect time to sneak a preview of some of the amazing short films that have received nominations. Plus we’ve got trailers of upcoming features playing at VIFF Vancity Theatre that you won’t want to miss including the massively opulent and sensuous $170 million Chinese blockbuster masterpiece, Legend of the Demon Cat, and our upcoming Music Monday film, Jimi Hendrix: Electric Church, which tells the story of the involvement of Jimi Hendrix Experience as the headliner of the Second Atlanta International Pop Festival, hailed as the “Southern Woodstock.”

Oscar Shorts: Live Action

February 8 – 23

Oscar Shorts: Animation

February 8 – 23

Oscar Shorts: Documentary

February 9 – 14

Legend of the Demon Cat

February 9, 9:30PM

Supa Modo

February 11, 6:30PM

Jimi Hendrix

February 11, 8:10PM

Don’t Be Nice!

February 12, 6:30PM

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