Establishing Shots: Jan 22-28, 2021

Every week, Establishing Shots offers some further enlightenment on the films that will be screening in-cinema at the VIFF Centre and online through VIFF Connect.

This week, we welcome The Reason I Jump back to VIFF Connect. At last fall’s 39th edition of our festival, Jerry Rothwell’s documentary picked up both the VIFF Impact and the Most Popular International Documentary awards.

The documentary is based on Naoki Higashida’s celebrated book, which imbeds readers within the experiences of the young author who is living with autism. In an interview with Pat Mullen of P.O.V. Magazine, Rothwell details the challenging process of adapting Higashida’s groundbreaking work. As he explains, “For me, it was a process of asking how the book becomes a key to unlocking something.”

Jesse Dylan’s Soros offers a documentary portrait of the philanthropist who has given away $32-billion and yet frequently finds himself vilified by hard right. Writing for that very same P.O.V. Magazine, Jason Gorber praises the film for being a ” journalistically acute, intellectually beneficial look into this most remarkable, contradictory, fascinating individual.”

On the off-chance you find yourself wondering, “Could Jesse Dylan possibly be any relation to…” Yes, he is indeed the son of Bob. Given that connection, it’s somewhat fitting that this week also sees us offering our VIFF+ members two deep dives into American music: Eugene Jarecki’s The King and Denny Tedesco’s The Wrecking Crew. You can find more details on membership options here.

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