Weekly Roundup: Lloyd lives on, Almodóvar loses nothing in translation, and Bong gets animated

Your weekly one-stop-shop for film news, interviews, articles, and videos from the week that was.

Norman Lloyd, chose credits included collaborations with the hallowed likes of Welles, Hitchcock and Chaplin, passed away this week at the age of 106. As is his wont, Criterion’s David Hudson retraces a remarkable career and recounts the late LLoyd’s belief that “pictures” allow one to “live on”.

The Guardian’s Ryan Gilbey talks to Pedro Almodóvar and Tilda Swinton about their mutual admiration for one another and the former’s first English-language (and pandemic era) film, The Human Voice. As the Spanish master effusively declares, “Tilda was the key. Her presence, her faith in me – it was all down to her talent that I still felt I was the same person in English that I am in Spanish.”

Lisa Jackson, whose Transmissions installation was housed at SFU Woodward’s in 2019, has just won the DOC Institute’s BMO-DOC Vanguard Award for advancing the the craft of documentary and elevating the next generation of filmmakers. In presenting the award, DOC’s executive director Christine Kleckner states, “With a filmography that includes urgent, hopeful, and personal stories that have resonated with so many people [Jackson has] a tenacious spirit that simply doesn’t stop.”

Screen Daily reports that Bong Joon Ho will direct his first animated feature, which hinges on “the drama that arises between deep sea creatures and human beings”. While the script was finished in January, he’ll shoot a live action feature before his foray into CGI animation.

Finally, Donovan celebrated his 75th birthday by swinging by David Lynch’s studio and shooting a music video. if you’re Donovan?

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