VIFF: Cinema of our Time (2/2)

International Spotlight (2/2)

A continuation of our first International Spotlight post. The following is a selection of International Feature films. To get the full selection of films, please pick up your FREE VIFF guide. To order tickets click here:

Becoming Bulletproof: (World Premiere)


Joy and persistence triumph over adversity in Michael Barnett’s winning documentary about a diverse group of people from across North America who come together to make a movie every year. On this occasion, it will be a Western calledBulletproof and the entire point is that it should be fun regardless of the challenges each person faces. The excitement and the quest for panache is irrepressible!

Field of Dogs:


A trained (and acclaimed) painter, director Lech Majewski wowed audiences at VIFF 11 with The Mill and the Cross, which brought to life a religious masterwork by Bruegel. His latest is based on The Divine Comedy, with Dante reimagined for our age. The spectacle throughout is dazzling, but this is no mere feast for the eyes: it’s a film of the utmost seriousness, unashamed of its own ambition. It brings miracles close to us as only movies can do, ending with a vision of release that is stunningly beautiful. Seeing is believing.

Red Knot: (Canadian Premiere)


Forsaking a traditional honeymoon, Peter (Vincent Kartheiser), a writer, and Chloe (Olivia Thirlby), an artist, book passage on a research vessel bound for Antarctica. Initially bemused by Peter’s boyish fawning over notable fellow passengers like environmentalist Roger Payne (playing himself), Chloe becomes increasingly ill-at-ease as he grows distant and secretive. As seasickness sets in and romantic bliss sours, she takes comfort in the company of the ship’s captain (Billy Campbell), a man who has good reason for setting himself adrift. As they sail towards the end of the Earth, Scott Cohen’s astonishingly assured, elegantly shot debut passes into troubled, Polanski-indebted waters.

Charlie’s County:


The magnificent David Gulpilil (Walkabout, Ten Canoes) quietly dominates Rolf de Heer’s heartfelt and uncompromising portrait of contemporary Aboriginal life. Gulpilil drew on his own troubles while co-writing the story of down-on-his-luck Charlie, so besieged by family members that he moves out of his own house to live in a makeshift tin shelter. As Charlie attempts to draw on his Aboriginal traditions to restart his life, the harsh realities of misconceived government directives make it increasingly impossible for him…

Hope and Wire: (International Premiere, Guest Director)


Will the “big one” ever hit Vancouver? That’s one earth-shattering possibility we generally choose to ignore. It’s actually very hard to imagine what it’s like to live through an earthquake and suffer the aftermath for hours, days, months and years. How extraordinary to be able to bear witness—from the comfort of our own stable ground—to what befell the city of Christchurch, New Zealand, just over three years ago.

To view a full selection of films available, please review your FREE VIFF guide. To purchase tickets, please click here:

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