News Blast #9: Latin American & African Cinema at VIFF 2014

Latin American films have certainly made their mark at recent editions of VIFF, including Sebastián Lelio’s heartfelt Gloria, Amat Escalante’s harrowing Heli, Pablo Larrain’s formally adventurous No and Kleber Mendonça Filho’s eerie Neighbouring Sounds. With this region proving to be a hotbed of emerging filmmaking talent, we unveil an even more varied and vibrant sampling of Latin American films this year, including a psychological thriller that’s dominated Peru’s box office (The Womb), a sensual Brazilian portrait of life in the tropics (August Winds) and the Argentine omnibus film that was Cannes’ breakout hit (Wild Tales).

As many African nations attempt to reconcile tradition and transition, compelling stories emerge, taking the form of both incredibly personal documentaries and riveting narrative films. The five diverse African films this year all boast the enthralling urgency of stories that need to be told.

For a full list of Latin American and African films screening at VIFF this year, read the full news blast:

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