Bye Bye Blues Special Screening & Panel Discussion

bye bye blues screening

Attention Canadian Filmmakers: Have you lost the rights to your own film? Will you soon?

Join us after the Bye Bye Blues screening on October 10 (2:30pm) for a Special Panel Discussion about copyright laws for films and what filmmakers can do to protect their intellectual properties.

When: Friday, October 10 after the screening of Bye Bye Blues at 2:30 PM
(Panel discussion from 4:30 to 5:00 PM)
Where: Vancity Theatre
Price: Admission to panel included with Bye Bye Blues screening

VIFF is delighted to be able to celebrate Bye Bye Blues on its 25th anniversary. We feel this is especially important because not only is Bye Bye Blues a highly entertaining Canadian classic, but we are pleased to be part of an effort to rescue lost films from oblivion. It’s hard to believe that Anne Wheeler’s early films are at such risk, but this is only the tip of the iceberg. Many filmmakers’ films are in similar limbo.

Now the good news! Thanks to the efforts of Joel Bakan and others, legal precedents have recently been set which may help many films and filmmakers across this country. Here’s the situation, in Joel’s words:

“Rebecca and I are happy to announce that, after several years of legal wrangling, we managed to save Bye Bye Blues, Anne Wheeler’s classic 1989 film, starring Rebecca, from oblivion. The rights to the film had become so confused they could not be located. As a result, broadcasters had stopped broadcasting the film, there were only a handful of battered VHS copies for sale on line and in the few video stores still operating, and a digital version of the film was impossible due to the unlocatability of the rights. The film was going to die.”

Come hear how you can work with Canadian copyright law to regain access to your work. Come hear what every filmmaker needs to keep in mind to protect their own intellectual property.

Panelists include:

Joel Bakan is a Professor of Law at the University of British Columbia and wrote the award-winning book and film (co-created with Mark Akbar) The Corporation.

Colin Browne is Professor Emeritus at the School for Contemporary Arts, Simon Fraser University, a writer, filmmaker, and film historian.

Jon Festinger, Q.C. is a Vancouver, British Columbia based counsel and educator. A Faculty member at the Centre for Digital Media, Mr. Festinger has taught a wide variety of law courses relating to intellectual property.

Anne Wheeler and other BC filmmakers will be in attendance and part of the discussion.

VIFF is dedicated to pursuing Lost Canadian Classics in future years. Please let us know your stories!

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