Travel without Luggage: 6 Films at VIFF 2014 That Will Take You Around the World

At the Vancouver International Film Festival (September 25th to October 10th) this year, we are screening a selection of films from the “Extraordinary Places” series. The series features a handful of films in the 2014 program lineup that will awe you with their beautiful cinematography and unique filming locations. Get ready to travel the global with these six films!
see the world with viff
1. Amazonia 3D:
A documentary about a circus-trained monkey’s journey of adapting to the wild, Amazonia will take you on a dazzling tour of the lush greenery and colorful wild life of the Amazonian rain forest. Expect a curious tale of discovery filled with jaw-dropping close-ups and breath-taking shots of the beautiful Amazon. TICKETS.

2. Yakona:
Shot almost entirely underwater, Yakona (“rising water” in the Tonkawa Native American language) takes the audience on a visual and historical tour of the waters of the San Marco River in Texas. The film examines the endangered species and the fragile yet diverse ecosystem of the river. TICKETS.

3. My Name is Salt:
This film documents the story of families that migrate to a grueling desert of India for eight months each year to harvest the whitest salt in the world. The story highlights the harsh conditions they have to endure and their unparalleled tenacity and persistence. TICKETS.

4. Walking Underwater:
Following the first fishing expedition of a Badjao (sea nomads near the Borneo sea) boy, this touching documentary gives the audience a glimpse of the Badjao culture and the beauty of the Borneo sea.

5. The Creator of the Jungle:
This film documents an eccentric Spanish man and his quest of building elaborate tree houses in the heart of Catalonia, Spain. Viewers will be quickly drawn to his fascinating story and the amazing labyrinth of fantasy jungle world he has created. TICKETS.

6. Of Horses and Men:
Set in the beautiful rural terrain of Iceland, this dark comedy explores the Icelanders’ relationship with each other and with their horses.

Passes and tickets are available now, purchase yours today and get ready to travel the world (no need to pack your bags)!

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