Vancity Theatre is the Best Place to Celebrate Valentines Day

The title says it all, 1181 Seymour Street in downtown Vancouver is the place to be this Valentines Day. Not only will we be screening the acclaimed film Song of the Sea, and all the Oscar Nominated Live Action and Animated shorts all morning, we’ve got an evening FULL of all kinds of romance…

First up, at 7:30pm we’re showing one of the most popular romantic films of the 21st century, The Notebook, but with a no-holds-barred text takedown. Whether you love it, hate it, hate that you love it, or tell anyone who will listen that you’ve never seen it, come vent your “frustrations” at the saccharine love story that set the bar for romance at an unattainable height and unleashed Gosling fever upon the universe. Bring your drinks into the theatre, leave your phone on, flex your thumbs, stretch your wit, and heckle until your sides split.

After the sentimental romance is over, we quickly switch the reel to the tied up and twisted, lesbian, BDSM, porno pastiche film, The Duke of Burgundy. Critics cant seem to get enough, with comments such as:  “Touching and provocative film, hurts so good”— The Globe and Mail. “Fifty Shades of What? See the S&M Romance ‘The Duke of Burgundy’ Instead”— indieWIRE. “”Visually ravishing, emotionally wise, and kinky as a coiled rope” — The Hollywood Reporter. “A tied up and twisted masterpiece” — Little White Lies magazine. “So teasing and elusive that after one viewing, you just want to watch the thing again” —Daily Telegraph. “It’s a considerable work of art, and one that touches on a rarely discussed side of human sexuality completely free of judgement” —The Guardian.

If you see just one BDSM movie this Valentine’s Day, make it The Duke of Burgundy. 

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