Ear Candy at VCT

Without music-2C life would be a mistake.

There’s no shortage of great musical films here at Vancity Theatre; from Opera to Rock, Jazz to Pop there’s something that will surely satisfy your musical appetite this month.

ROCK: The Wrecking Crew
Like 50 Feet From Stardom this is the story of unsung heroes, the session musicians who made the 60s swing. Guaranteed, you will never hear pop from that era the same way again. 19+ except for the 6pm and 8pm screenings on Sat. 21st which is rated PG, all ages welcome.

POP: Beyond the Lights
“One of the most pleasurable moviegoing experiences I had this year.” — Manohla Dargis, New York Times. Movies for Mommies screening Tues. 17th at 11:30am.

JAZZ: Keep On Keepin’ On
“As joyful as a jumping jazz riff, Keep on Keepin’ On is an inspiring story of devotion, dedication and multi-generational friendship.” — Linda Bernard, Toronto Star. Rated: PG, all ages welcome to attend.

OPERA: One Chance
“Irresistible.” — David Rooney, Hollywood Reporter. “A sweet, funny, heartfelt film.” — Annlee Ellingson, LA Times. “Hits all the right notes.” — Anthony Kaufman, Screen International. 19+

FADO: Fado Camane
Documentary about the Portuguese singer Camané and the process of creating one of fado’s key works, revealing a rigorous search that allows him to achieve masterful interpretations. Featuring music by José Mário Branco, Raul Ferrão, Frutuoso França, Sérgio Godinho, Alfredo Marceneiro, Alain Oulman. 19+


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