What We’re Looking Forward to This March

We received a comment the other day asking why we don’t show the mainstream blockbuster films at the Vancity Theatre, so we felt it was only fitting to explain our mandate and present to you our varied and culturally diverse programming for March.

We’re here not to duplicate commercial movie theatres showing Hollywood hits, but to emphasize international, Canadian, independent, documentary, and art cinema. These are significant and important categories that might otherwise not find their deserved place on the big screen. We believe in encouraging understanding of the world’s cultures through the art of cinema, to foster the art of cinema, to facilitate the meeting in British Columbia of cinema professionals from around the world, and to stimulate the motion picture industry in British Columbia. Year-round, we screen some of the best festival-style films from around the world and aim to present unique, relevant and entertaining films that might otherwise go unseen by Vancouver film-lovers.

Our mandate is for quality and diversity, and we are complimentary opposite to the big-budget Hollywood fare on screen most everywhere else. For example, here are just a few films and events we’re looking forward to this March…

1. Buzzard  http://bit.ly/buzzard_
2. Clearcut http://bit.ly/Clearcut_
3. The 50 Year Argument http://bit.ly/50yrArgument
4. Gett: The Trial of Viviane Amsalem http://bit.ly/GettTrial
5. Citizenfour http://bit.ly/Citizenfour_
6. Ida http://bit.ly/ida_
7. Living is Easy with Eyes Closed http://bit.ly/LivingIsEasy
8. Marinoni Movie http://bit.ly/Marinoni
9. White God http://bit.ly/WhiteGod_
10. It Follows http://bit.ly/ItFollows_
11. The Babadook http://bit.ly/babababadook
12. Awake: The Life of Yogananda http://bit.ly/AwakeYogi
13. Sea Shepherd Conservation Society http://bit.ly/SeaShepard1
14. KDocs: Kwantlen Polytechnic University Documentary Film Festival http://bit.ly/KDocs1
15. Northwest Horror Show
16. Women in Film & Television Vancouver http://bit.ly/WomenInFilmTV


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