Raving Reviews for ‘White God’

Distinguished director Kornél Mundruczó has crafted an imaginative and strikingly visceral journey of an abandoned mutt’s descent from man’s best friend to rebellious threat—rightfully earning plaudits at Cannes, including the ‘Un Certain Regard prize’, as well as the ‘Palm Dog’ for the best four-legged performance that is deeply moving and, at times, harrowing. When a new law places onerous taxes on the owners of mutts, the streets of Budapest start to fill up with abandoned dogs, thirteen-year-old Lili fights to protect her dog Hagen. She is devastated when her father eventually sets Hagen free on the streets. Still innocently believing love can conquer any difficulty, Lili sets out to find her dog and save him…

Since its premiere at Cannes Film Festival in 2014, this film has been garnering raving reviews from all over the world:

“It’s a more arresting and entertaining movie than I ever expected from this director: a captivatingly bizarre quasi-horror thriller drama about a mass canine uprising in Budapest that could have been crafted by Hitchcock or James Herbert…. The chase scene involving them all is a masterpiece of animal choreography – achieved, evidently, without any digital trickery.” — The Guardian (Full Review)

“Kornel Mundruczo’s sixth and best feature is an emotionally rousing, technically masterful man-vs.-dog adventure.” — Variety (Full Review)

“With a stridently percussive score pumping up every hint of tension,White God falls somewhere between a superior genre thriller and a Big Statement movie.” — The Hollywood Reporter (Full Review)

” A remarkable thriller from Hungarian writer-director Kornél Mundruczó, arrives as a shining example of how exposure to genre movies can imbue a filmmaker’s work with a new immediacy.” — The Telegraph (Full Review)

“A visceral, unflinching and extraordinary cinematic experience, White God will put you through the emotional wringer right up to the beautiful final scene.” — The Daily Record (Full Review)

“Superbly acted allegorical drama with a climax that is not only breathtakingly exciting but flawlessly handled.”— Empire Magazine (Full Review)

According to Hollywood legend, the Oscars banned animals from being eligible for Best Actor after German shepherd Rin Tin Tin won most votes in 1929. That won’t sound so ridiculous if you watch this powerful Hungarian drama featuring the Al Pacino of dog actors.” — Time Out (Full Review)

“White God defies the odds, wins over the skeptics, and takes us through the twists and turns of its Hungarian streets on a journey that has us tearing up, laughing, cheering, and sitting in emotional exhaustion well before its two-hour runtime comes to a close.” — Consequence of Sound  (Full Review)

Screening from March 27 at Vancity Theatre | Tickets
For the March 29th 3pm screening we have partnered with Home at Last Dog Rescue B.C. a local rescue organization to learn more about the amazing work they do with homeless and abandoned dogs in BC. The HALDR directors will be present at the screening to discuss their work both locally and internationally.

We will also be holding a donation drive for the rescue organization to collect items of need for the dogs, these include: martingale collars, leashes (normal and lasso), dry food and treats.

 Tickets and Showtimes on VIFF.org 

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