Crazy for Catatonic – Don’t Miss Out on this Unique Virtual Reality Experience

One of the most exciting events happening at VIFF this year has to be the virtual reality experience that Catatonic has offered audience members throughout the festival. The short horror film Catatonic is an immersive journey through an insane asylum in which the audience, bound to a wheelchair, undergoes a sensory-shocking horror thrill ride.  Participants are ushered into a custom-built wheelchair by live nurses in 1940s uniforms where the design of the chair resembles a padded cell: a unique blend of comfort and paralysis. The viewer will then be fitted with Samsung gear and in the virtual environment, the “patient” (audience member) is ushered through the psychiatric wing, experiencing the full brunt of madness within. Along with the 360o 3d immersion of VR, the patient will also feel jolts emanating from a vibrating device built into the base of the wheelchair – a customized ButtKicker for optimal asylum impact!

This virtual reality experience is something unlike anything else at the festival this year as you can experience the story on such a unique and individual level. In high demand this festival, it is definitely an event you don’t want to miss. If you want your chance to experience Catatonic, it will be at VANCITY THEATRE, TODAY FROM 11-5 (Friday October 2nd). See you there (if you dare)!


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