Trailer Tuesday – DE PALMA RETRO

Mark your calendars, everyone – our BRIAN DE PALMA RETROSPECTIVE takes place from July 1 – 20 at Vancity Theatre.

He doesn’t have any Academy Awards to his name, and his relationship with the critics has been tempestuous at best, but there is a school of thought that argues Brian De Palma may be the most gifted American filmmaker of his generation (a generation that includes Martin Scorsese,Francis Coppola, Steven Spielberg, George Lucas et al.) Certainly he is a supreme visual storyteller, a cinematic orchestrator of menace and mayhem who elevates sordid and perverse suspense stories into transcendent works of operatic impact. Movies like Blow Out, Carlito’s Way, Scarface, Carrie, Obsession andThe Untouchables (all screening in our accompanying retrospective) demand to be savoured on the big screen, where they belong.

Here we’ve compiled the trailers for all the films featured in our De Palma Series...

De Palma doc

Blow Out

Body Double

Carlito’s Way


Dressed To Kill

Femme Fatale

Mission Impossible





The Phantom of the Paradise

The Untouchables


For full details on synopses, dates, reviews, and ticket specials (3-for-$30 Ticket Packs), check out


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