6 Short Films That Highlight New Voices

By Kareem Sheikh

The beauty of short film stems from its independence; without millions of dollars of investment on the line, short filmmakers are able to tell the stories they want to tell, without compromise. As a result, the short film sphere is populated with important but hidden voices of people you won’t see in big budget feature films (yet).

To celebrate the wealth of human experience we’ve been missing out on, catch these six VIFF shorts that highlight new perspectives.

1. Grandmother GrandmotherThis beautiful marriage of Indigeneity and technology adds a new filter to the Indigenous lens while maintaining a relatable story for all audiences. Struggling to cope with the death of his grandmother, a young boy discovers a connection with her through an old camcorder.

Screens in Left to Their Own Devices program

2. RuptureRuptureAs we adapt to our ever-changing geopolitics, stories like Rupture keep us grounded; everyone on this planet, including every refugee, has personality, dreams, and a need for belonging. On a hot summer day, four Arab teens set off on a quest to find a public pool in their new Canadian home.

Trailer | Screens in Left to Their Own Devices program

3. Cherry ColaCherryColaHopefully, we’re all aware of the horrors that queer and trans people are exposed to every day (If not, check out Sissyman in the Touching the Poetic short program to learn about the infamous Stonewall riots.) However, if we truly want to reshape our misconceptions of other lifestyles, we need to be exposed to more than tragedy. In its portrayal of two drag queens, Cherry Cola skips the political discourse in favour of charisma, allowing every sexual and gender identity to enjoy a night of debauchery and revenge.

Trailer | Screens in New Skins and Old Ceremonies program

4. Yes, God, YesYesGodYesStarring Stranger Things’ Natalia Dyer, “Yes, God, Yes” explores the long-excluded narrative of women’s sexual self-discovery. Set in a strictly Catholic community, a young schoolgirl discovers her personal definition of “sin” and begins to question her superiors, all thanks to AOL Instant Messenger.

Website | Screens in Teen Years: Heaven and Hell program

5. OverloveOverloveThis chilling depiction of a young woman’s mental health struggles is nothing short of illuminating. With acting and storytelling that can only be derived from diligent research and personal experience, Overlove will make you think twice before throwing around the term “OCD.”

Trailer | Screens in Teen Years: Heaven and Hell program

6. Maxwell’s DemonMaxwellsDemonAfter his paraplegic teenage daughter is caught seducing boys in the school washroom, a father works to mend their knotted relationship. Amid a barrage of miscommunication, mishandling, and misconception, Maxwell’s Demon forces us to reconsider what disability really means.

Trailer | Screens in Crisis Management program

For tickets to any of these exquisite Shorts click here.


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