4 Dance Films to See at VIFF

By Dannielle Piper

The Vancouver International Film Festival is well underway. With 100s of films and endless themes, there’s a lot to choose from. Coming up are a number of dance-related films. Whether you are a dancer yourself or just someone who enjoys watching dance, these films will provide an inside look into the sometimes exclusive world of dance and bring them front and centre to expose truths, fears and our deepest desires.

Here are the 4 dance-themed films you should look out for at VIFF:

The Bolshoi

One of four Russian films at the festival, The Bolshoi explores the majestic and beautiful, yet harsh world of Russian Ballet. The protagonist, Julia, gives up a lot in pursuit of her dream of becoming a prima ballerina – family, friends and love to name a few. At the end of the movie, you’ll be asking yourself “What would I give up for the chance of a lifetime?” Screening Thursday, October 12 @ 8:45pm at The Centre.

Chaplin in Bali: Journey to the East

In its North American premiere, this French film has been described as a time capsule into Chaplin’s inner world. In Bali, Chaplin rediscovered himself as not just a comedian but also a dancer and a singer. This film shows the varying sides of Chaplin and the many talents which he possessed. More importantly, the film demonstrates how he found inspiration and rejuvenation after his stressful European tour in his safe haven, Bali.  Screening Saturday, October 7 @ 9:30pm at Vancity Theatre, Monday, October 9 @ 4:30pm at SFU Goldcorp and Wednesday, October 11 @ 7:00pm at The Cinematheque.

Louise Lecavalier in Motion

From David Bowie to Frank Zappa, Louise Lecavalier has danced with the best. Born in Montreal, Lecavalier was always drawn to dance but did not fit the role, identity and style that was often prescribed to female dancers at that time. Despite this, she developed her own unique style that balanced elegance and precision with freedom and wonder. This film commemorates her commitment to dance and dedication to her craft. Screening Monday, October 9 @ 6:30pm at SFU Goldcorp and Wednesday, October 11 @ 11:00am at Vancity Theatre.

Rebels on Pointe

Rebels on Pointe will delight you with the satire and wit of its entire cast. In sharp contrast to The Bolshoi, these ballerinos challenge the stereotypical image of what it means to be a professional ballet dancer. In size 11 shoes, each cast member will personify what it means to be a rebel in this day and age – free and revolutionary. This film has already screened at VIFF but look out for possible future screenings at Vancity Theatre after the festival.

Tickets to these films available here.

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