4 Reasons to Check Out the VIFF AMP Summit

By: Emilie Humbert

The Vancouver International Film Festival team is excited to be dedicating two special days of festival programming to the music in film and TV with the VIFF AMP Summit.

Welcoming a wide range of industry professionals from music supervisor and composers to post-production experts, the VIFF AMP Summit explores the essential role of music in film and highlight growing opportunities for recording artists. VIFF AMP also invites local musicians to take to the stage during evening events including the VIFF LIVE Artist Showcase and Music BC’s SOUND OFF celebrating our homegrown talent.

Still on the fence? Check out 4 reasons why you should be checking out this year’s VIFF AMP Summit programming:

1. Meet and Network with Industry Experts

During the second day of the VIFF AMP Summit, you will have the chance to meet and network professionals currently working in the film and TV music scenes from all over North America. Use this opportunity to learn as much as you can about the industry to experienced experts who will be participating in panels and workshops throughout the day. 

2. Feel What it’s Like to be a Composer

During the first day of the VIFF AMP Summit, there will be a session titled The State of the Art: The Composer Landscape in 2018 where three composers will work through the scoring process from agent to producer live. There will then be a panel discussion afterwards where a composer’s agent, a music supervisor, a studio executive, a network executive and an executive producer will come together to discuss their industry and answer audience questions live.

3. There’s More to it Than Just Movies

The VIFF AMP Summit is not just about music in movies, it also covers producing music for the gaming, advertising and social media industries and addressing how the landscape of the industry has changed though technology and innovation.

4. Live Music

VIFF AMP would’t be what it is without live musical performances! Be sure to join us at the Live Artist Showcase and Music BC’s Sound Off events where we’ve welcomed local musicians in the past like Humans and IMUR!


When: Wednesday, October 3 – Thursday, October 4

Where: The Annex – 823 Seymour St, Vancouver

Cost: Starting at $15

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