Music Mondays at Vancity Theatre

This month, Monday nights at Vancity Theatre are all about the auditory art. Featuring a mix of documentary and narrative film, and an eclectic array of musical genres and eras, our Music Mondays offer a great way to beat the beginning-of-the-week blues. Check out our list of Music Monday films below, and be sure visit for showtimes and tickets.

Gordon Lightfoot: If You Could Read My Mind

Our Music Mondays kicked off on Canada Day with this portrait of a Canadian icon. One of the most successful singer-songwriters this country has ever produced, Gordon Lightfoot looks back candidly on a life of big appetites, reflects on the art and craft of songwriting, and on what its like to be covered by Elvis. There’s additional commentary from Ian and Sylvia Tyson, Anne Murray, Randy Bachman, Steve Earle and Geddy Lee.

“Briskly entertaining and entirely legend-affirming.” Ben Rayner, The Toronto Star

Join us for one more screening of this film on July 4th at 6:30pm.

Echo in the Canyon

Traversing a musical journey from Liverpool to California, this Jakob Dylan-fronted doc casts a new light on 60’s sounds so deeply ingrained in our culture we might feel we imbibe them at birth. The Byrds, The Beach Boys, Buffalo Springfield and The Mamas & the Papas were all influenced by the Beatles (and then went on to influence the Beatles in turn). The locus for this shift was Laurel Canyon, jammed with unparalleled creativity, and inspiring he likes of Beck, Fiona Apple and Cat Power to this day.

“By keeping things short, sweet and dutifully tuneful, “Echo in the Canyon” is like the doc version of one of the period’s sonic nuggets, leaving you with a peace/love/understanding high and a desire to break out the vinyl for more of the same.” Robert Abele, LA Times


Finally released in North America 39 years since it premiered at Cannes, Franco Rosso’s reggae rabble-rouser immediately claims its place beside The Harder They Come and Rockers as a lost classic of the genre. It’s a palpably authentic picture of being young and black in south London, with racism constantly simmering in the background, but all fuel to the fire of the music (courtesy of Aswad, Johnny Clarke and Dennis Bovell, among others).

“Like the reggae music that pulses through it, Babylon is rich, rough and real. And like the street life of the young black Londoners it portrays, it’s threatening, touching, violent and funny.” Variety

That Pärt Feeling: The Universe of Arvo Pärt

The great composer Arvo Pärt at work, whilst the artists who perform his music and are inspired by it illustrate the different aspects of the phenomenon the man is. Pärt’s music has featured in films as diverse as The Thin Red Line, The Great Beauty, and Avengers: Age of Ultron (among more than 100 credits), and at 83 he’s known as “the most performed composer of our times”, but then as this appropriately understated portrait suggests, that’s because he puts work first.


Nureyev wasn’t just the most astonishing dancer of his generation, he was also intensely charismatic and slyly fascinating. This acclaimed documentary by siblings Jacqui and David Morris features oodles of dance footage (some of it never seen before), TV chat show interviews from the 70s, and off-screen reminiscences from friends and peers.

“More than just essential viewing for anyone interested ballet and dance. Like any great biography, it casts a light through its prismatic subject, whose unique story refracts out colourful strands touching on art, politics, history, identity and so much more.” Leslie Felperin, The Guardian

Creating Woodstock

Behind the scenes at the most epochal rock concert ever staged! This is the untold story (and a few legends and myths too) of a moment, 50 years ago, when all the stars aligned: Hendrix, The Who, Arlo Guthrie, Joe Cocker, Janice Joplin, Richie Havens et al. And it so nearly didn’t happen…

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