Weekly Roundup: Lineups, lists, and Postcards From Now

Your weekly one-stop-shop for film news, interviews, articles, and videos from the week that was.

As we pass the midway point of the year and look forward to brighter days spent in darkened movie theatres, Slant Magazine has assembled their list of “The Best Films of 2021… So Far”.

Meanwhile, everyone else has busied themselves drafting their “must see” lists for Cannes, which kicks off on July 6. Vulture finds a dozen titles to recommend, while Screen Daily goes with 20.

As IndieWire reports, both Locarno and Karlovy Vary announced the lineups for their respective summer festivals. The former continues to accommodate some high profile studio offerings, while the latter will feature a retrospective of The Film Foundation’s work.

Little White Lies’ Maria Ashioti looks at this year’s Manchester International Festival and poses the question, “Is this the first major response to life under the pandemic?” She describes Postcards From Now as “another riveting project which is a response to the purgatorial stasis engineered by the pandemic. Comprised of dance choreography, visual art, music, performance and animation, the work comes from several distinct perspectives commissioned at the height of global lockdown, and ultimately asks the question that’s been in our collective consciousness: what happens next?” (Postcards From Now can be watched online for free.)

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