All Kinds of Comedies

A comedic film is not always one that makes you laugh out loud or leave with punch lines to tell your friends. Sometimes it is subtler, hidden in the nuance, and much more rewarding to those that find it than boisterous laughter. Here are 5 films at VIFF that eliciting moments of laughter amidst their engaging and important stories:

1. Exquisite balance between comedy and drama: Garden Store: Family FriendGardenStoneFamilyFriendScreening Thursday, October 12 @ 3:45pm at Vancouver Playhouse

2. Tender, touching and laced with humour: Close-KnitCloseKnitScreening Thursday, October 12 @ 4:15pm at International Village

3. Alternately comic and tragic: DinaDinaScreening Thursday, October 12 @ 6:15pm at Vancity Theatre

4. Caviar-black comedy: The PartyPartyTheScreening Friday, October 13 @ 5:00pm at The Centre

5. Wry Humour: The Other Side of HopeOthersideOfHopeThe.jpgFriday, October 13 @ 6:30pm at SFU Goldcorp

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