Trailer Tuesday – March 6, 2018


The March calendar for VIFF’s year-round Vancity Theatre has arrived, and this month’s films are dressed to impress. VIFF’s Style in Film series shines a spotlight on those people who demand it: the artists, the designers, the photographers and their muses… The folks who know their true value and aren’t afraid to flaunt it.

While you’re at it, check out the exclusive first runs and documentaries hitting our screen: the unexpectedly touching Oh Lucy!Samuel Maoz’s Foxtrot (Venice Grand Jury Prize), the febrile and fiendish psychological striptease Double Lover, an anthology of dashcam footage from the roads of Russia in The Road Movie, João Moreira Salles’ bittersweet In the Intense No and the wildly entertaining (and infuriating) expose The China Hustle.

Also on the program, this month is the return of some of the most well-liked films from VIFF 2017, including the exhilarating, immersive documentary Mountainengaging family dramedy That Trip We Took with Dad and VIFF 2017’s ‘Most Popular Canadian Documentary’ and ‘Must See BC’ winner, Shut Up and Say Something.

Take a moment to kick back, watch the trailers and see what peaks your interest.

Style in Film

Dries, March 16 – April 1



Hollywood Haute Couture 2: Filmdom’s Phantom Threads – presented by Michael van den Bos, March 18

C’est la vie!, March 30 – April 7

Love, Cecil, March 31 – April 10

Exclusive First Runs

O Lucy!, March 16 – 27

Foxtrot, March 21 – April 1

Double Lover, March 23 – 27



In the Intense Now, March 23 – 28

The Road Movie, March 15 – 18

The China Hustle, March 30  – April 4

Returning from VIFF 2017

Mountain, March 12 – 21

That Trip We Took With Dad, March 13

Shut Up and Say Something, March 30 – April 10

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